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Punter banned from festival after filming himself eating 20 tabs of LSD

Culture 05/06/2019

Punter Pete Townshend - with the apt Twitter handle of 'humantestkit' - took one for the team after ingesting approximately 2mg of LSD (20 tabs) at an event over the weekend and putting it on the internet.

Townshend's video went viral on Twitter and was found by Kosmic Events festival owner Daniel Green, who then publicly banned Townshend from all his events.

“We have your full legal name and pictures and if you come onto the property next year you will be arrested immediately,” he Tweeted.

Other punters tried to stand up for Townshend and say that he didn't do anyone any harm, but Green quickly told the real story.

At least it seems like Townshend learned something from the experience, advising anyone who was thinking about replicating his act that you should 'never take 16 tabs in a public setting'. Be responsible team!