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Uber Eats is about to get more expensive

technology 24/06/2019

It was gonna happen eventually...

Uber Eats have introduced a new surge charge that is set to tack on a few dollars to your dusty Sunday order.

Uber today announced a 'busy area fee' would kick in for Auckland users during peak times.

During surge times the app will display an arrow below the restaurant name and above the menu indicating a higher delivery fee.

Busy area fees have already been introduced overseas, and Uber says the fee is "designed to help ensure you have a wide selection of your favourite local resturants, even during times of high demand when selection may otherwise be limited".

A similar system is already in place for the ride-sharing service, as plenty of punters will already be familiar with if you've ever tried to get home from a gig!

Uber Eats currently operates in six NZ cities including Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.