The director of The Babadook has made the next big Aussie horror

movies 11/06/2019

Aussie has produced a few quality horrors over the years. Wolf Creek and The Babadook both rank pretty highly, but Australia's next export might be the darkest of them all.

Jennifer Kent's The Nightingale has caused a massive stir at the Sydney Film Festival causing some viewers to walk out after just 20 minutes. Kent was also behind The Babadook which earned critical acclaim and currently holds a 98% approval rating on Rotten Tomates.

According to the Daily Mail disgusted audience members left in droves during screenings of The Nightingale and after watching the trailer it's easy to understand.

The trailer shows a young woman - played by Aisling Franciosi
- preyed upon by a group of men, who sees her husband and baby killed in front of her before she's sexually assaulted by the group.

The film then follows her journey tracking the group across Tasmania with the help of an Indigenous man. report that during a screening a woman in the audience yelled: "She's already been raped, we don't need to see it again."

The film has divided critics, with some thinking it takes things too far.

Scott Menzel wrote for We Live Entertainment "I don't think that any review can mentally, physically, or emotionally prepare you for what Kent has brought to life with this film. The Nightingale is a very difficult watch but packs quite an emotional punch."

Johnny Oleksinski for the New York Post was firmly on the other side of the fence, writing "Vacuum-packing a nonstop supply of rapes, deaths and beatings into more than two hours is needlessly punishing, and comes at the expense of character and story."

Director Kent has admitted filming some scenes was difficult and that she cried during post-production.

The film is due for release in Australia in August. Catch the trailer above!