Weed experts are arguing against coroner's claim of 'THC overdose' causing death

News 07/06/2019

A coroner in the US has ruled that a woman's death was due to 'THC overdose', but weed experts aren't buying it. 

Back in February, a 39-year-old woman was found in her apartment having suffered an originally "unexplained death". The coroner Dr. Christy Montegut then called for an autopsy. 

"I was kind of surprised that the only thing we found was elevated levels of THC," Montegut told reporters. 

The woman's boyfriend said she used a weed pen, which led Montegut to do some online research and come to the conclusion that the famously high amounts of THC found in these devices could have cause respiratory depression. This led to the claim that she died of a THC overdose. 

The police report also explained the boyfriend had told authorities the woman had visited the emergency room a few weeks prior to her death for a chest infection. She was advised to treat the infection with over the counter pharmacy medications like Robitussin.

Montegut is 100% certain of his cause of death assessment, but news outlet 4WWL spoke with multiple doctors who repeated the longstanding stat of approx. zero people ever having died from weed. 

"Everything looked above the board, and the only thing they found was the THC in the blood and so they made an association," ER Doctor Noah Kaufman explained.

Twitter has expectantly jumped on the case with equally high skepticism levels: