22-year-old Instagram drug dealer sentenced to 17 years in prison

News 30/08/2019

Insta 'influencer' Wyatt Pasek, nicknamed 'Oxygod', has been sentenced to 17 and a half years in prison for drug dealing, making dangerous pills in a secret lab.

The 22-year-old pled guilty to selling counterfeit pills which he'd designed to look like the painkiller Oxycontin - but the pills were laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid believed to be 80-100 times stronger than morphine. Not cool man. 

Pasek, who's got 11k followers on the gram, can be seen posing with stacks of cash, girls, cars and high-powered guns. We don't want to call names but... we've got a few in mind. 

The guy had posted pics and vids of his investment strategies, but was actually making money illegally off the dangerous drugs.

In a post from March earlier this year, Pasek wrote about having patience and persistence to succeed with the caption: "It all started as a dream. Always believe in yourself, even when all else feels like you shouldn't,"

"Because if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have the greatest gifts of all TIME and that is the freedom! Freedom for time, freedom of location and most importantly freedom of finances. Life will give you what you put in to it. If you put in the average, it will give you the average in return."

We guess putting in fentanyl gets you jail in return. Soz mate. 

Pasek was living in a high-rise luxury penthouse in Santa Ana, California, so we reckon the transition to a jail cell will be a bit of a shock. 

He was running the lab with 22-year-old Duc Cao and 23-year-old Isaiah Suarez, processing thousands of the pills in a factory on the Balboa Peninsula, California, after being bought from a Chinese supplier. 

In November, Pasek pleaded guilty to charges of narcotics-trafficking conspiracy, being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm and money laundering. He had three prior drug-related convictions. He has now been sentenced to 17 and a half years behind bars. Cao and Suarez have since been sentenced to seven years and three years in prison, respectively, for their roles in the operation.

Police found the pill press lab - which was located in Suarez's apartment - alongside nearly 100,000 fake tablets, six kilograms of fentanyl, hundreds of fake Xanax pills and bundles of cash, federal prosecutors say.

Upon his arrest authorities seized $21,000 ($33,000 NZD) in cash from Pasek along with a Silver Royal Offshore watch with diamonds, a gold and diamond Bitcoin necklace, two gold bars from his mother's house and thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency.

We think the moral of this story is pretty clear.