5-year-old brought huge bag of cocaine to school accidentally

News 23/08/2019

This poor, poor kid. Spotted by a kindergarten teacher in Slidell, Louisiana, a five-year-old was seen with a bag of white powder in their clothes which turned out to be coke. 

The teacher contacted police, and an officer found two additional bags of cocaine stuffed into the kids clothing. 

Police said the student had no idea what the drugs were or why they were in their clothes. They think the drugs were probably hidden in the kid's clothes to try and stop police finding them if their home was ever raided. 

The Slidell Police Department conducted a search of the child's home and found even more drugs, and Angelica Stanley (23) and Ellis Cousin (51) were arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine and marijuana with intent to supply. 

They were also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and creulty to a juvenile. Their relationship to the kid is unknown. 

"Proper steps" have been taken to make sure the kid is safe, and details have been kept private to ensure this. 

Detective Daniel Seuzeneau from Slidell PD said that while the situation was distressing, it could have turned out much worse. 

"It's a terrible thing but the silver lining in all this is that the teacher did a phenomenal job being alert, notifying the School Resource Officer, taking immediate action. God only knows what would have happened if this child would have ingested the cocaine, if another student would have ingested the cocaine, I mean it would have been terrible."