A UK bar is using facial recognition to see who's next in the drinks queue

News 02/08/2019

It's a skill you've got to pick up pretty quick on nights out - keeping your place in the bar queue and making sure no dickheads push their way in in front of you. 

You've got to admit it must be a bit of a struggle for the bartender keeping track of who's been there longer, but sometimes you swear they're purposefully serving everyone BUT you.

Well a bar in the UK may have found the solution to the age old problem - cocktail bar 5cc Harrild & Sons in London have deployed software to make sure customers are being served in the right order. 

A webcam has been fitted near the bar which has face scanners that keep tabs on new arrivals to the bar. Each customer gets assigned a number, so the bartender can keep track of who's up next.

The bar's bosses have claimed the system has already reduced serving times, and helps keep customers satisfied - customers know where they are in the queue, and are also given an approximate serving time. 

The technology, invented by data science experts DataSparQ, is also said to help speed up ID checks because the computer 'knows' when a customer looks under 25 by scanning hundreds of bio-metric data points.

We reckon roll these out ASAP. Happier nights out all round.