Arrested athlete has charges dropped after 'cocaine' turns out to be bird sh*t

funny shit 15/08/2019

What a stitch up...

After he was pulled over for speeding in July, American college football player Shai Werts was eventually arrested for cocaine possession after police officers found a white substance on the hood of his car.

Turns out the 21-year-old was in possession of a bunch of bird sh*t.

According to ESPN charges were dropped last week after he had served part of an indefinite suspension from his college football team.

Footage from a dashboard camera shows an exchange between Werts and a police officer.

“What’s the white stuff on the front of your hood, man?” the officer asked, to which Werts responded: “Bird s**t.”

“I promise you that is bird doo-doo,” he confirmed again.

The office said: “I promise you that it’s not, because I just tested it and it turned pink.” (Indicating a positive test.)

After further testing it turned our Werts was telling the truth.

What a sh*tty situation.