Missing dude turns up 43 days later after massive drinking binge

News 02/08/2019

A Thai chef who's been missing for 43 days has been found alive and well - and turns out he'd just been on a huge drinking binge while waiting for a connecting flight in Russia. 

Uthai Waenbarb, 36, had been working in a restaurant in Budapest, Hungary, and was travelling back to Thailand on 15 June. Unfortunately his plane had to stop in Moscow, and Uthai was told he'd have to wait for five days before he could continue his onward journey to Bangkok. Not an ideal sitch.

So what did he decide to do? Go out on the sesh obviously. He started at the airport bars, drinking for several hours before eventually being arrested and kicked out of the Moscow airport, armed with a standard 30-day visa.

Old mate admits he doesn't have much memory of what happened after that, except he kept drinking, and eventually lost all his belongings including his passport. He also somehow managed to get himself a job as a rubbish collector. Good lad. 

"I was so upset after being told by the airline to wait for five days, I decided to drink and after that I cannot remember anything but losing my passport," said Uthai.

Meanwhile back in Thailand, his family grew more and more worried, filing a missing person's report in Hungary, Thailand and Russia.

Uthai was eventually found this week on Tuesday 30th July in Khimki city, around 27km from Moscow Airport. Someone managed to convince him to go to the Royal Thai Embassy in Moscow so officials could take care of him and look into reuniting him with his family. 

The Royal Thai Embassy shared the yarn to Facebook, writing "Mr. Uthai is safe and healthy. For the next step, the Embassy will expedite the process with the Russian authorities to be able to send Uthai [home]."

According to the Bangkok Post, officials at the embassy arranged a phone call for Mr Uthai and his family, and said they would issue him a temporary passport.

The embassy has also reportedly been paying for Uthai's accommodation, travel expenses and other costs. Not a bad deal for him to be honest.