NZ Netflix set for price spike

Netflix 01/08/2019

Netflix is set to increase the prices of all its television plans in New Zealand.

The price of its most popular "standard" plan is reportedly going up by 13 per cent - a $2 jump - to $16.99 a month.

The basic plan - which doesn't allow for streaming in high definition - is going up 50 cents to $11.99.

The biggest increase comes for subscribers to the ultra-HD premium plan, which is set for a 19 per cent rise to $21.99 - tacking on an extra $3.50 to your monthly bill.

Industry sources reportedly estimated Netflix had up to 800,000 customers in New Zealand.

This is the second time the service has seen a price increase since its introduction to NZ four years ago - it's standard service debuted at $12.99 per month.

New subscribers will see the new prices immediately while current subscribers will see their bill rise in the coming weeks, according to a statement.