Tomorrowland staff confess to selling drugs to punters at the fest

News 09/08/2019

We all know how intense the searches can be when you're going to a festival. You've got to be pretty clever with your hiding places. But apparently the checks for staff aren't quite as strict...

According to an undercover investigation by VTM News, a number of Tomorrowland staff worked the festival specifically so they could sell drugs. Nice move tbh.

One employee commented saying "He had 36 pills, 4 grams of coke, 6 grams of speed and 4 grams of ketamine."

According to Tomorrowland, checks are carried out on the nearly 10,000 crew members, during set-up and the festival itself, both at the crew entrances and exits and at the crew campground. Not enough checks though apparently.

"We are convinced that this misplaced behavior of some crew members is very exceptional," a festival representative has said.

Here are the full stats on confiscations and arrests over both weekends if you missed them. We'd say a LOT of people got very lucky.