Aussie state ACT legalises growing and personal use of marijuana

News 27/09/2019

Australia's Capital Territory have made a huuuuge move, becoming the first state in the country to legalise recreational marijuana use. 

Under the new legislation passed this week, adults will be allowed to possess up to 50 grams of dried cannabis or 150 grams of wet cannabis for personal use. It'll also be legal to cultivate two plants at home, with a maximum of four plants per household. 

The new law will come into effect as of January 31st, 2020. 

While this is great news, the risk of prosecution from possessing and growing cannabis is "not entirely removed", as it still remains a federal offence. But Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay said, in practice, those laws won’t apply according to ABC News. 

We're not quite sure where ACT residents are going to get their hands on weed to begin with though, because it will still be illegal to buy and sell cannabis in the territory. Even being given weed as a gift will still be illegal:

"If there’s evidence that someone is providing cannabis to someone else, that’s supply and that’s an offence," said Ray Johnson, ACT's chief police officer. 

Johnson also said he’s "not suggesting for one second that ACT Policing members are going to start a campaign of going out and charging everyone with Commonwealth offences", adding that "we’ll work to make [the new legislation] as effective as it can be".

Great move, but it looks doubtful that the rest of Aussie will be following in ACT's footsteps anytime soon.