Helicopter filming cycling race accidentally catches out weed plantation

News 05/09/2019

Whoever set up this weed plantation obviously wasn't the brightest spark - you'd think putting in 'plane' sight would be a pretty big no-no...

During a cycling race in Spain - the Vuelta a España cycle race - a helicopter filming the action happened to stumble upon a cannabis farm set up on a rooftop above the streets of Lleida, Catalonia.

The footage was streamed live on TV as thousands of fans watched the last kilometre of the race, but unfortunately for the owner of the weed plant, the police saw it too. 

The Catalonian police force, Mossos d'Esquadra, raided the property after spotting it on the footage and found 40 marijuana plants on the roof terrace. 

Police had already been made aware that marijuana plants were growing on the roof after receiving info from neighbours, according to Catalonian news outlet ARA. 

The plants were seized, but no arrests were made. Cannabis use is decriminalised for use in private in Spain, so if the owners are found and it's determined that the plants were only for personal consumption then they may not be punished. But we find it prettyyyyy hard to believe all of that is just for personal use...

It's still illegal to grow cannabis to sell though. Growing cannabis plants that are located in public view - for example, on a balcony - is considered a serious offence. This can lead to a fine of between €601 to €30,000 ($1000 to $52,000 NZD). 

There are no clear guides to what constitues 'personal use' so lets hope the owner has some convincing arguments ready.