Walter White lookalike busted on meth charges


A viral Facebook post from a US police department has sparked a bunch of comments and comparisons after they sought help in tracking down a guy that looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad - on meth charges.

Galesburg authorities are seeking Todd W. Barrick Jr, wanted on an arrest warrant for violating his probation. Local news station KWQC reported the warrant relates to possession of methamphetamine. 

Barrick Jr's resemblance fictional meth dealer Walter White went down a treat with Facebook users. 

White - a cancer victim turned meth dealer was portrayed by Bryan Cranston, and bears heavy resemblance to Barrick Jr.

"I would never turn in Heisenberg," a Facebook user suggested in reference to Cranston's character. 

Punters also suggested cops should try Albuquerque or Los Pollos Hermanos, the setting and a key location for the show.

Barrick Jr reportedly remains at large.