London getting first accessible rave for people with disabilities

News 18/10/2019

A London-based DJ is starting up the city's first accessible club event for adults with disabilities, as well as their carers. 

DJ Tony Gurney, aka Groover The Barbarian, is running his d'n'b and jungle special at Omeara music venue near London Bridge on the 16th November. 

Gurney himself lives with Crohn's Disease and Fibromyalgia, and has also worked as a child carer, so by starting up the new club nights he's hoping to eliminate the barriers standard nights out create. 

"Anyone who has tried to get a taxi or a night bus at 3-4am knows how difficult that is. Now imagine it’s raining, and the taxi that has turned up is refusing to take you because you're in a wheelchair and the guy will have to get out of his car," Tony said. 

He also added that a typical nightclub outting last eight hours plus can be pretty bloody physically and mentally draining for those with disabilities. 

The new event, named 'Daylight', will run for four hours in the afternoon, limiting attendee numbers to 100. This is intending to give party-goers the optimum experience. 

As well as being a DJ, Tony has also worked with Talking Therapies Southwark, helping people to manage and get through their depression and anxiety. He has also set up workshop 'Coping with Difficult Times' which aims to help people survive suicidal thinking. 

'Daylight' is being run with Carers UK and Attitude is Everything, a charity designed to benefit the welfare of carers and an organisation making live music events better for deaf and disabled people respectively.

Tony has set up a fundraising page in the hope of creating a regular event within London’s clubbing calendar. Check it out here