Getty Images/Hound Labs

New breathalyser can measure how baked you are

News 21/10/2019

A super sensitive breathalyser that tests for marijuana has been invented and hailed as an absolute game-changer.

The new device is reportedly a billion(!) times more sensitive than standard breathalysers that measure how many beers you've deleted and have been met with open arms by US authorities.

With the legalisation of recreational marijuana starting to become more frequent, this invention combats concers around the risk of an increase in car accidents.

The new devices will likely aid the legality of marijuana after tests from Hound Labs and Sanntek can tell if someone's recently had THC.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police head Christopher Leusner said: "With alcohol, if you have over 0.08% in your blood, there's the presumption that you're intoxicated.

"There hasn't been a blood test or a breath test that can determine if you're impaired by marijuana."

Blood tests can reveal marijuana use for up to a month but new tests that analyse your breath can tell if someone has smoked or consumed marijuana in the last few hours, making it suitable for roadside testing.

"I've seen the tragedies resulting from impaired driving up close. And I have a good idea how challenging it is at the roadside to know whether someone smoked pot recently," Oakland physician Mike Lynn said. "But I believe if someone is not stoned, they shouldn't be arrested."

The devices are reportedly set to go into use next year.