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Scientists researching mass production of the thing that makes magic mushrooms magical

News 03/10/2019

According to a new study in the Metabolic Engineering journal, scientists have found a way to mass produce the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms known as psilocybin.

University of Miami assistant professor Andrew Jones and a team of undergraduates are using metabolic engineering to increase the production of a certain chemical within cells. In doing so they have reportedly increased the generation of psilocybin. The process includes “taking the DNA from the mushroom that encodes its ability to make this product and putting it in E. coli,” Jones said. “It’s similar to the way you make beer, through a fermentation process."

Although still illegal in most countries, studies have revealed that magic mushrooms can potentially help relieve anxiety, chronic depression, addiction, and PTSD.

The drug was recently decriminalised in Denver.