Woman with 44 kids banned from having any more

News 18/10/2019

A Ugandan mother who's given birth to 44 children has officially been banned from having any more kids.

39-year-old Mariam Nabatanzi was married off at the age of 12, delivering twins a year later. Nabatanzi carried on to give birth to five more sets of twins, four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets due to her abnormally large ovaries. That's a shit tonne of little gremlins to be bringing in to the world. 

Mariam was abandoned by her husband three years ago - he nope'd all the way out of there, leaving her as the sole carer of her surviving 38 children. What an ass.

Mariam lives with her children in four cramped houses with corrugated iron roofs, The Sun reports. They live in a village surrounded by coffee fields, roughly 50-kilometres north of Uganda's capital, Kampala.

Doctors have now taken action to stop Mariam from conceiving any more children. She told local media her uterus had been "cut from inside", which we're guessing means she had a hysterectomy or something to that effect. 

The mother has been told her ovaries are unusually large and was advised by doctors not to take contraceptive pills due to health concerns. 

She has lost six children, her last child dying during childbirth three years ago.

The family are living in extreme poverty as Nabatanzi does whatever she can to earn money, including hairdressing, brewing local gin, selling herbal medicine, event decorating and selling scrap metal, according to The Sun.

The woman's extreme fertility is thought to be hereditary, caused by hyper-ovulation.

Credit where credit's due, that's a bloody solid effort from her. Imagine being preggers that many times. Yikes.