Zedd's been permanently banned from China for liking a South Park Tweet

music news 11/10/2019

Things are pretty tense between China and just about everybody at the moment, with protests raging in Hong Kong, gaming developer Blizzard banning players for supporting protesters, and even the NBA getting involved

One of the biggest offences to the communist nation came in the form of the 300th episode of animated series South Park. 

In the episode, Randy Marsh says "Fuck the Chinese government", and so the entire show has been banned from the country.

Now German/Russian producer Zedd has said he's been permanently banned from China too, all because he liked a Tweet from South Park about their 300th episode:

The Tweet didn't even directly say anything about China, so it's a pretty big move from the country to ban someone forever just for liking it:

Who knows whether the ban is truly permanent, but if you're wanting to visit China any time soon then maybe keep away from South Park on Twitter?