Photo / Holyoke Police Department

5-year-old reportedly took heroin to school, said it makes him feel like Spider-Man

News 18/11/2019

This might be the worst 'show and tell' of all time...

A young boy in the US has grabbed headlines after allegedly bringing a bag of heroin to school.

We'd hope the kid didn't have any idea what he actually had his hands on, but his teacher received a bit of a shock when the boy said it made him feel like Spider-Man.

Police say the boy brought the baggie - bearing a Spider-Man logo - to Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke, Massachusetts last week.

After authorities were alerted, the boy was taken to hospital his home was searched, where the boy's dad Benny Garcia was allegedly found.

The man reportedly had nearly 40 bags of cocaine and 70 bags of heroin on the property.

Garcia already had a warrant out for his arrest according to Lt. Jim Albert.

An infant was also found at the home. The infant and the school boy have since been taken into child protective services, and the after being admitted to hospital as a precaution it was found the boy had not ingested any of the drug.