Grandma goes clubbing til 3am with her grandkids for 75th birthday

News 15/11/2019

Ever thought you'd reached the age where you're too old for clubbing? Think again mate. 

This Aussie grandma has put all us young ones to shame after getting up in the DJ booth and dancing until the early hours of the morning to celebrate her 75th birthday. The ultimate frother. 

Mary D'Amico, aka Nonna's grandson Jaymee Franchina explained: 

"It was my Nonna's 75th birthday the night before. She was chatting to all of my cousins' friends and she turned to me and said she wished she could come out with us and continue the party for the night,"

"I told her that it was no issue and that we would give her the best night ever. She wanted to go out with us grandchildren because she doesn't like 'partying' with people that are her age as they don't have the energy she has,"

"When I walked her past the big line and got her in before all of the (at least) 150 patrons waiting, she felt like a celebrity. The bouncers checked her ID and gave her a private escort up to the main room and she felt young and special."

Check her out in her element below:

"Nonna was in the club dancing to every single genre and getting photos with all young people and I said to my brother, 'Hey Adrian, lets put Nonna up on the DJ table and give her a shout out for her birthday, she will love it,'"

"We initially did it as a joke, as we as a family have great banter with each other, but she got on the table and rocked out to some drum and bass with the crowd,"

"After pulling her off stage, people were high-fiving her and giving her big hugs and getting Snapchat stories and Instagram videos with her in the middle of the dancefloor. She partied till 3:30am. It was the best night of her life."

Mary, originally from Athens in Greece, started going clubbing with her grandkids a few years ago, saying people her age just can't keep up (we're not surprised...)

"I love music and dancing and since they close other venues before 12am for dancing for us old people, there is no where for me to go. When I go dancing at these places I don't want to stop," she said.

"All these other people, especially the men, stop dancing after three minutes because they're about to have a heart attack. I never want to stop. Dancing and mixing with the young people rejuvenates and rejoices me. Keep me the bloody nursing home away from me,"

"I felt nothing but excitement, never was I nervous, it makes me want to go out with my grandchildren, Jaymee and Adrian, every night they are djing."

Jaymee doesn't seem to be embarrassed by his Nonna either, saying: "She may be old, but she is young at heart," he told LADbible.

"She has more energy than the eight of us grandkids combined. My Nonna is always supportive and comes to any event that us grandkids have, and she is always the life of the party,"

"Her constant 'GO' attitude ever since we were kids is something that I will always inspire to be when I turn her age."

We honestly hope we have half her energy when we get to her age. You go Mary.