Over NZ$100M worth of cocaine has washed up in France

Culture 12/11/2019

More than 760kg of cocaine has washed up on beaches in the south of France over the past few weeks.

The parcels have been found on several beaches and are said to be worth around NZ$100 million in total.

The prosecutor's office of the city of Rennes said: "Suspect packages have been found on all beaches... from the Loire-Atlantique department down to the Landes department."

The Landes department covers more than 500km of coastline.

Police are currently investigating the origin of the drugs, and have said that if people stumble across any more packages, leave them alone and call the police.

Anyone thinking about tampering with the packages faces the risk of a 10-year jail sentence.

Earlier this year a similar incident took place in Auckland's Bethells Beach where over NZ$3M worth of cocaine washed ashore in 19 - a pretty suspicious number - packages.