Police have seized THREE TONNES of cocaine after busting a 'narco-submarine' in Europe

News 28/11/2019

Police in Spain have seized THREE TONNES of cocaine from a 'narco-submarine'.

The 20-metre semi-submersible was intercepted off the coast of Galicia - the first of its kind to be caught - on Sunday with 152 packages of cocaine found on board.

The drugs, reportedly worth around NZ$171M, were removed from the craft after it was brought into the port of Aldán.

Two members of the crew were arrested after allegedly trying to deliberately sink the vessel before police arrived before attempting to swim to shore, while a third member of the crew is yet to be found.

The seizure was the result of a joint operation between police from Spain, Portugal, the US, the UK and Brazil.

Authorities tracked the boat for 10 days before intercepting it.