This Dubai bar is offering free drinks to women based on their weight

News 22/11/2019

A bar in Dubai has conjured up a pretty strange, and quite frankly very discriminatory, promotion offering our free drinks to women based on how much they weigh. 

Fusion Club at the Cassells Al Barsha Hotel in Dubai has introduced a drinks promotion that rewards heavier women - the more they weigh the more free drinks they receive. 

In order to receive their 'reward', the women must either stand on a set of scales by the door with a saying saying "It's good to gain weight", or present the bar staff with a piece of paper that tells their weight. 

One kg of weight is equal to one United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), meaning a woman weighing 70kg will get free drinks to the value of 70AED, equivalent to $29.70. 

The deal applies to any drink tht can be bought from the bar. 

Vice president of the bar Mr Baburag said: 

"We believe in being different than the rest of the nightclubs and hotels in making our guests delighted. We wanted the ladies to surprise their partners and friends that it's good to gain weight,"

"We have different promotions at Fusion Club every month, which are often 'crazy' and unique and are enjoyed by both men and women. Dubai is a city for entertainment and fun. We never ask any women to check their weight, we trust them and just serve whatever number they wrote on the paper without asking any questions and therefore we don't see any reason to feel we had bad intentions about the offer."

Some people are, naturally, not so enthused by the idea. One Twitter user commented saying "This is just stupid, and FYI it promotes fat gain and obesity... like the fatter you are the more we'll allow you to consume empty calories which, in turn, will make you... even fatter?"

The bar said the deal has been so successful that they've extended it already. It was supposed to finish in August, but will now continue until December.