NZ fires up after Chinese man claims he invented Johnny Danger's famous vortex

Local culture 24/12/2019

Kiwis have put a few words in after a Chinese man went viral online claiming to have invented the "tornado beer drinking style" - a style that might look pretty familiar.

The man who gooes by 'Pangzai' has built a massive following online after posting various videos of him drinking, with his biggest hit being a 'tornado' tutorial.

Pangzai has quickly been called out by Kiwis who believe the credit for the "vortex" style actually belongs to late legend Johnny Danger.

"New Zealanders will be laughing at this," one user replied, while another tried to give a bit of an education, adding "that's what we in NZ call a vortex or vorteke, been done here for a while now."

Another clarified things even further, writing "I'm pretty sure Johnny Danger started this in NZ!".

Video from Johnny Danger's Facebook page from five years ago shows off the 'vortex' technique, which you can relive below.

Danger's original video - since its posting in 2014 - has amassed 21,000 reactions, 16,000 comments, 3600 shares and almost 450,000 views on Facebook. 

While we may never know the true origin of the vortex, vorteke, tornado or whatever you choose to call it - we can almost be certain that it started right here!