Auckland punter makes an earth sandwich with a guy in Spain

funny shit 21/01/2020

An Aucklander and a Spanish man have joined forces to create an 'Earth sandwich', placing slices of bread at opposite points of the planet.

Auckland man Etienne Naude said that he wanted to make one for years, and finally found someone on Reddit who could get to the exact longitude and latitude to make sure they were exactly opposite each other.

Naude told the BBC "It was quite hard to organise since it's 12-hour time difference. And there's lots of things to arrange, such as the kind of bread, the time, the [precise] location, et cetera."

He added: "It's quite tough to find a spot which isn't water on the New Zealand end - and where public roads or paths intersect in both sides."

The photo showing both men with their side of the sandwich and the co-ordinates was posted on Reddit.

What makes the feat more impressive is that 15 percent of land on the planet has an opposite point that is also on land. The UK, Australia and the majority of the US don't have any.

All in all, there was about 12,724km of earth between the slices.