Hospital carer arrested for allegedly sucking patients’ toes

funny shit 28/02/2020

Foot fetish anyone? A hospital worker in the US has been arrested after he was reportedly caught sucking on a patient's toes, but he denies the allegations.

The patient was an elderly woman who claimed to have felt her foot being touched at around 11pm on Monday night (24th February) at Gulf Coast Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida.

She thought a nurse may be checking her foot for swelling at first, but after being touched a third time and feeling wetness between her toes she looked up - and claims she saw hospital carer Frantz Beldorin on his knees next to the bed, bent over her foot. 

23-year-old Frantz was arrested the next morning for battery and taken to Lee County Jail. He was released on Wednesday evening on a $1,500 USD bond ($2,400 NZD), and has told news outlets that he was fired from his job because of the incident. 

He also passionately denies the allegations, claiming it was all a misunderstanding that has made him look 'creepy'. Yeah, just a little creepy mate. 

"My hand's on the bed, yes it's close to her, but I'm reaching to get my phone. I dropped my phone under the bed and as I'm trying to get my phone she kicks,” he said. 

"She's afraid and we're in the dark. It's a dark room with a dark male at the foot of her bed. I can understand, but I'm not tryna' do that with you, for what? When the security came and got me, I was like, 'what's going on?', and they're like, 'just come with me',”

"It makes me look crazy or creepy and I'm not! Like I'm not that type of dude. If I offended her in any way, I apologise. I know there's other opportunities, but there won't be if I get hit with this felony."

He claimed there were two other patients in the room and said the doors were wide open.

"I can get that from someone else, I don't have to get that from her. A day that I thought I was going to make it out of peacefully, a day that I had planned it didn't turn out the way that I expected it,” he added. 

Lee Health, the company Frantz worked for, said in a statement that the safety of its patients was its top priority and it was cooperating with law enforcement, adding it could not comment further while the investigation is ongoing.