Maccas are releasing a set of Quarter Pounder scented candles to make all your dreams come true

Culture 21/02/2020

Fancy shaking up your room’s ambience to smell like a 3am Maccas feast? Well, we’ve got some great news for ya. 

Maccas have announced this week a new line of limited-time-only “fan club swag” in the shape of a Quarter Pounder scented candle pack. 

The pack includes six candles inspired by the ingredients of a Quarter Pounder, including bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, fucking ONIONS, and beef. Mmm, can’t think of 6 things we’d rather our room smelled like tbh. 

And just to ensure you that these candles are in fact top-quality, they each come with a 25 hour burning time, made from a soy wax blend, essential oils and a cotton wick. 

The candles aren’t available for order just yet, but you can keep checking back here for any updates. We know you can’t miss this.