US student caught using underground tunnel system to steal food from campus

funny shit 21/02/2020

A student at Brigham Young University in Utah has been arrested after he allegedly used underground tunnels to sneak onto the university campus and steal food.

Spencer Taylor was arrested this Tuesday and reportedly charged with a third-degree felony for burglary. Last Sunday, a BYU Culinary Support Center employee was startled when he “ran into a male wearing a black mask and black clothing,” when the building was locked.

When the employee asked the 19-year-old what he was doing, the masked burglar ran away. The authorities later came to the conclusion that Taylor had been using the tunnel system underneath the university to sneak in. On surveillance footage, the teen appeared to be “holding a food item in his hand when he fled and returned to the tunnels,” according to police reports. Cameras also reportedly captured him accessing a Heritage Hall student housing building.

Taylor (who is a current BYU student) was singled out because he had used his card to get into the residential building. On Tuesday, a BYU police officer contacted Taylor and he “admitted that he was the suspect who had been confronted in the CSC on Sunday night.” 

Police also said Taylor “admitted” to using the tunnel system on three occasions in the past month. During two of those times, he “stole food products that he later ate at his dorm.”

It’s unknown how much food Taylor allegedly stole or how much it’s worth, but we can’t imagine it was anywhere near as much as his bail, which has been set at $5,000 USD (approx. $7,900 NZD).