WATCH: Italian mayor says he'll send police over with flamethrowers if people don't self-isolate

News 24/03/2020

A subtitled compilation of Italian mayors (rightly) losing their sh*t over people not self-isolating has gone viral after hitting social media earlier in the week. Italy is currently one of the countries hit hardest by coronavirus, with over 60,000 cases reported.

The clip of the mayors has quickly racked up over six million views on Twitter, thanks to quotes like 'I’m getting news that some would like to throw graduation parties. We will send over the police. With flamethrowers' and '“I’m going to address you all. Where the f*ck are you all going?'.

The original poster of the video summarised Italy's current situation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

'Italy isn’t at social distancing stage. It is lockdown: no one allowed outside except for basic necessities & only 1person/day per family. No one can leave their town. Outdoor exercise within 200m from your house. All non essential businessed are shut down.'

New Zealand introduced an alert level system over the weekend, and will shift from a Level 3 alert to Level 4 on Thursday. More info on the alert level system and what it means for you can be found here.

For more information on how you can help stop the spread of this virus, visit the government’s COVID information website: