The world's first socially distant concert is happening in the US next week

music news 07/05/2020

COVID-19 has had a massive effect on the live music industry, with artists and promoters constantly searching for new ways to share their music and keep the scene alive during this tough time.

While livestreams have become the new regular for a lot of DJs, social distancing regulations and caps on how many people can be in one place at the same time have cast doubt over the future of concerts.

Now, country-rock singer Travis McCready is set to take a different approach by hosting the world's first socially distanced concert, an acoustic set at TempleLive in Fort Smith, Arkansas next weekend on May 15. 

According to reports from Bloomberg, the event will be pulled off thanks to a bunch of safety precautions that align with social distancing guidelines outlined earlier in the week by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson. The show will consist of “fan pods” which seat between two and twelve people, meaning the event will host a maximum of 229 fans - filling one fifth of the venue's regular capacity. Attendees will wear masks and undergo a temperature check at the door.

Foghorns will reportedly also blast antibacterial solution to disinfect the grounds before the show.

It's a lot of work, but hopefully an important step towards a return to live music!