Haul of stolen street signs found at student parties during level 2 police checks

funny shit 01/06/2020

When the po-po were checking if parties were breaking the 10 person gathering limit, they found a different crime than they were expecting - stolen street signs. If you’ve ever lived in a flat, you’re probably not surprised by this find at all. They’re pretty much a staple decoration and right of passage in any student dwelling. 

From multiple flats near Canterbury Uni, about 20 signs were found and recovered during checks to ensure people were abiding by the COVID-19 gathering size limits. 

“We [police] have been going around some of the parties over the last couple of weeks and we’ve recovered a whole lot of street signs from different addresses. Quite a few have been loosely connected to student parties in a way,” said Senior Sergeant Appley. 

“Our major focus has just been recovering them [signs] because, firstly, it’s going to save the [city] council quite a lot of money and, secondly, in the road safety aspect, if a stop sign’s been removed and someone doesn’t stop at an intersection because there’s no obvious sign, then that could cause a serious crash.”

The majority of the signs found were street name signs though, so they were unlikely to cause any damage out on the roads. 

Christchurch City Council city streets maintenance manager Mark Pinner said street signs cost between $120 and $150 each to replace and install.

He said stealing signs has the potential to put road users in danger and it is expensive for the city council to replace them.

No charges had been laid because it was very difficult to prove who had actually stolen the signs, Senior Sergeant Appley said.

So anyone who’s mates gifted them a sign with their surname on it, or found a broken sign on their drunken wanders home at any point - make sure those signs are well hidden away from any curious cop eyes.