Aussie kebab shop fined nearly $7,000 for holding impromptu rave at 3 am

News 26/08/2020

An impromptu rave broke out in a Queensland kebab shop over the weekend, and we'd usually be all for it...

...if we weren't living through a global pandemic right now.

The rave was filmed and uploaded to TikTok, where you can see a mini mosh formed inside the shop. Most people weren't wearing masks, and nobody was social distancing.

As fun as it looks, it's definitely not the smartest idea during a global pandemic.

The owners have since been fined $6,772 AUD for not following social distancing restrictions, but Aussie authorities have said people in the video won't be charged as it'd take too long to identify everyone.

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski told Sunrise:

"The message to all of those persons, and a lot of them are young people, I hate to say - so, sorry young people - is to have a think before you go out about the impacts of your not abiding by the social distancing in the community and what that means.

"It's certainly putting our police under pressure. Because the licensed premises are by and large doing the right thing, it's the people that are attending the store aren't quite getting the message that we would like to see."