Boiler Room team up with Apple Music to share over 200 archived sets

music news 24/08/2020

After recently celebrating their 10 year anniversary, Boiler Room - a musical movement that started with a webcam taped to a wall in London and has now spread across 200 cities with over 8,000 performances by over 5,000 artists - have teamed up with Apple Music to give subscribers access to their "Streaming From Isolation" series and more than 200 of their most iconic sets.

"The partnership launches with the common aim to compensate all artists involved in a DJ set," Boiler Room said. "Not only does that mean payment for DJs but crucially also, compensation for the artists, producers and songwriters behind the music in the mix. With 100% of royalties from the streams going to rights holders, this is an initiative we’re immensely proud to be a part of."

On top of the archive of classic sets, Boiler Room Radio on Apple Music 1 will feature the mixes alongside in-depth interviews from artists, DJs and producers.

Check out Boiler Room's Apple Music catalog here