Canada is now allowing some terminal patients the use of magic mushrooms

News 07/08/2020

The Canadian government made an exciting an announcement on Tuesday - some terminally sick patients have been granted the right to use magic mushrooms to help ease their anxiety. 

Back in April, four terminally ill Canadians approached their government health official asking for a legal exemption for them to ingest the magic shrooms.

The health minister approved the exemption on Tuesday, making these four patients the first four Canadians to legally use magic mushrooms since it was criminalised back in 1974. Pretty exciting stuff.

Heaps of studies have shown that magic mushies can help a lot in easing depression and anxiety. 

The patients are understandably stoked. Laurie Brooks, one of the four, told TheraPsil that the acknowledgement of the pain and anxiety that she's been suffering with means a great deal to her. 

..I am feeling quite emotional today as a result. I hope this is just the beginning and that soon all Canadians will be able to access psilocybin, for therapeutic use, to help with the pain they are experiencing..

This is a pretty big step for Canada - we're excited to see how it goes for these four patients.