Someone opened a record shop for mice called Ricotta Records

News 18/08/2020

We're not joking.

An anonymous arts collective known as AnonyMouse has debuted a tiny vinyl record shop.

Known for building miniature mouse-themed structures and art installations around Sweden and other European countries, they named this record shop 'Ricotta Records'... for the love of cheese.

Check out the front of the shop below.

With an incredible display of attention to detail, the walls of the shop are plastered with artist posters of Modest Mouse and a rodent version of Dolly Parton called 'Dolly Parsley'. There are also 'Rats Against the Machine', 'Amy WinieMouse' and more.

Visitors are also able to see an array of mini vinyl records on sale, including a mouse version of N.W.A's 'Straight Outta Compton' and Joni Mitchell's 'Blue'.