UK’s first socially distanced outdoor venue looks...Pretty good actually

News 13/08/2020

The U.K.’s first socially distanced outdoor concert venue has hosted its debut show, and it actually looks like a good time! as 2,500 music fans for watched a performance by rising rocker Sam Fender.

The venue’s creation was announced in July, with promoters promising a safe concert option in these COVID times.

"The arena is designed to keep you safe, with organized parking and a socially distanced queuing system into the arena where you will be directed to your personal area," SSD Concerts wrote on Facebook. The parent company also unveiled a concept illustration at the time, showing a stage facing a large open lawn, with numerous raised platforms containing room for small groups to watch the show.

Photos posted to social media show the real-life execution was very similar to that initial mock-up. A total of 500 platforms were spread throughout the viewing area, with each one allowing a maximum of five people.

Based on the feedback posted to social media, the event was a success. Check out pictures and videos from the concert below