Wuhan held a massive rave at a waterpark and we're kind of jealous

music news 19/08/2020

A series of photos from a music festival held in Wuhan had been going viral on the internet. 

It seems that these photos were taken at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park over the weekend with people packed like sardines wearing no face masks and not social distancing.

One performance even had a man on a water jet board with sparklers on his back while attendees in swimsuits were cooling off in the water. Check it out below.

Earlier this year, Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and had their 76-day lockdown lifted in April. The park had reopened in June but limited parkgoers to 50% of its local capacity. But it has also apparently been actively enticing people to visit, including a 50% off for women.

 We're having some serious FOMO over here. How good would it be if New Zealand's back to normal before the Summer music festivals?