Tiki Taane has the best reaction to an article that used his name and face as clickbait

funny shit 01/09/2020

Leave it to Tiki Taane to drop a clever comment that low-key roasts the article which used his name and face as clickbait.

Say Nope To Drop NZ did a Facebook post suggesting Tiki Taane has released a statement that warns the youth of the "repercussions to the physical, mental and spiritual health of going down the drug path." while also quoting that he has 'been there' and he 'knows what it is like.'

Here's Tiki's clever response to it:

Hi guys, I appreciate you trying to use me as clickbait. I'm very flattered, but just so you all know I will be 100% voting YES to legalising cannabis. Cheers.

What a legend.