Jacinda Ardern is keen to have safe drug-testing stations at NZ festivals

Vids 02/11/2020

This is bloody fantastic news to hear from our PM Jacinda Ardern.

Aunty Cindy revealed on Sunday that she backs supporters of legalising on-site drug tests at events, saying that she wants a plan legalised that would allow for illicit drugs to be tested for harmful substances in an effort to keep festival goers safe.

She said it is something the government "can move on".

I do think people appreciate that it's not about changing the legal framework for those individual drugs.

It's about saying there's evidence overseas that regimes like that save lives, and who would we be to turn away from that.

It means festival-goers will legally be able to check if substances are laced with anything unexpected.

Kara, Lee and Tammy chime in on Jacinda Ardern's stance on wanting safe drug testing at NZ festies - watch above.

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