Dennis Rodman had massive night at a techno club before an NBA Finals Game 6

funny shit 17/02/2022

If you're familiar with any of former NBA player Dennis Rodman's stories, this yarn should come as no surprise.

The Hall of Fame forward - and dear friend of North Korea's Kim Jong-un - often used partying as a release from the pressures of competition, and in his new book, Walk On The Wild Side, he describes one of these wild nights before a crucial game.

On the eve of NBA Finals Game 6 against the Seattle Supersonics in 1996, his night started fairly ordinary with sushi and some Sake bombs before turning into a classic 'quiet one' and absolutely derailing.

Next thing you know, he's neck deep listening to "ear-splitting" techno at Chicago's legendary Crobar nightclub.

"We ended up at Crobar, where they have a bondage rack and men will stand there writhing in pain while voluptuous women pour burning wax onto their nipples, and people in elevated cages dry-hump each other to the beat of ear-splitting techno-house music played by a lesbian deejay named 'Psychobitch'," Rodman wrote, per Basketball Network.

If you thought this might have impacted his play, you'd be wrong.

"We went to breakfast at Third Coast, a great place in the Gold Coast district, and when I walked out the door it was light out," he continued. "I knew I was ready for Game 6. Sure enough, we went out and got solid and won."

How good.