Reviews for Ozark's finale claim it's the 'best event TV we've seen'

Right Here Right Now 27/04/2022

The final episodes of Netflix’s Ozark have nearly arrived to our small screens - and reviews from critics have given the big finish some pretty massive wraps.

Reviewers who got an early look at the show's conclusion have been full of praise, with The Independent saying “perhaps, in years to come, Ozark will be looked back on without reference to Breaking Bad, but not just yet. If Marty and Ruth feel like Walter and Jesse, then they too are deserving of a blaze of glory in which to go out. 

“The result is an ending that’s unbearably tense, obliquely poignant, and some of the best event TV we’ve seen on any streaming service.”

Indiewire claim that the show’s "conclusion should click cleanly into place,” which gives us hope that there will be a very clear resolution to cap off four gritty and captivating seasons.

For those unfamiliar, the show follows married couple Marty and Wendy Byrde, who move their family out to Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks to launder money. It first hit our screens in 2017 and has been met with massive critical and commercial success.

The fourth season has been drip fed in two parts - with the first being released back in January of this year and the final part set to drop on April 29.

Check out the trailer for the final part above and the recap for part one below.