Mattel Lauches Music Producer Barbie to inspire more girls to get into the industry

Our News 16/09/2021

To help "shine light on the importance of women's stake in the industry," Mattel is launching a new Music Producer Barbie doll.

The new doll is part of the Barbie Dream Gap Project, made up of putting Barbies in over 200 different careers.

"Barbie is dedicated to levelling the playing field for girls in careers where women are underrepresented, like music producer," says Lisa McKnight, SVPl and Gobal Head of Barbie & Dolls, Mattel.

Along with the doll herself, the new accessories also include a mixing board, headphones, and computer. 

“While female voices are heard from the stage, so many critical decisions are made behind the scenes and in the studio." says music producer, songwriter, singer, and actress Ester Dean.

Having been in the industry for over a decade, I've witnessed the power female voices can have in shaping the future of music production and want to ensure more women are in the room.

The launch of the doll is in partnership with Ester Dean and Girls Make Beats, an organisation dedicated to inspiring more girls to take up a future in the music production industry. 

Barbie is also funding Girls Make Beats' scholarships, designed to deliver more equal representation in the industry after a report showed women make up less than 3% of the electronic music industry's production and technical roles.

Our partnership with Girls Make Beats takes our efforts one step further, championing female voices from the studio to the stage and giving girls the tools to help them pursue a future as a music producer. continued McKnight.