A shirt appropriately called the 'Festival shirt' has gone viral for being worn at festivals a LOT

festival 14/01/2019

Tis the festival season, and one of the biggest mares in attending them is figuring out what to wear.ย 

Well, this year, it seems many guys found it pretty easy to find the perfect outfit. Especially since Cotton On well selling a $30 shirt called the 'festival shirt'.

The shirt was nothing wild, just a simple yellow buttom up with vertical navy blue stripes, which clearly took the eye of many punters.

So many punters wore it, that it went viral.ย 

Whether intentional or not, there was a member of literally every crew sporting the threads.ย 

It's possibly the funniest thing to happen all festy season.

We're just gonna sit here and shake our heads... Maybe check with the boys next time and make sure not everyone got the Cotton On shirt memo?