Apparently scientists are working on a pill that will let you scoff ya face and never gain weight

News 09/12/2018

Forget having to sign up for the yearly shred, your prayers could be answered.

Soon you’ll be able to binge eat all the crap ya want and still have a rig in peak condition.

According to Science Daily, this mysterious pill affects the RCAN1 gene. When the pill was tested on small rodents, their RCAN1 gene turned off, which allowed them to devour a bunch of shit foods, and gain no calories at all.

“We know a lot of people struggle to lose weight or even control their weight for a number of different reasons,” the study’s lead researcher Professor Damien Keating said. “The findings in this study could mean developing a pill which would target the function of RCAN1 and may result in weight loss.”

The ideal would be to take some sort of pill that didn’t require you to watch your diet, that didn’t require you to exercise.


The next step for researchers is to adapt the pill for humans but there is stil a logn road ahead. Keating wants to remove the stigma around diet pills by creating one that has higely massive benefits for all.

Some might say this is the "lazy option" but we don't think there will be many people complaining once this pill has come to fruition...