This study found that listening to Skrillex might protect you from mosquitos

Right Here Right Now 27/05/2022

A bizarre study from 2019 has resurfaced online for its findings that Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ could protect humans from mozzies. 

According to the researchers, the famous dubstep track acted both as an "anti-mosquito attack factor and as a mating disrupting agent.”

The study was completed by a team of scientists from Malaysia, the Cayman Islands, and Japan. They got a bunch of mosquitos and put half of them in a tank with dubstep playing and the other half in a completely silent tank. 

The scientists found that the dubstep listening mozzies “reduced both their blood-feeding activity and rate of mating.”

So basically the exact opposite of what happens in a standard EDM moshpit.

A feasible anti-mosquito method is what scientists were looking for, and since humans enjoy listening to a good tune they thought: ‘why not try music?’

“As music is loved by many people, the development of music-based anti-mosquito control measures may represent an appealing alternative to strategies involving the use of harmful chemical insecticides,” the scientists said.

So, if mosquitos are bothering you when you’re trying to get to sleep, simply blast some dubstep at full volume to keep those pesky blood-suckers away.