Auckland Council wanna stitch us up and lower Lime scooter speed to 10 km/h

News 15/11/2018

Auckland Major Phil Goff has defended a crackdown on motorised scooters, saying the introduction of new rules would be in the best interests of safety.

On Wednesday, Goff announced the city's council will move to implement stricter safety measures, including the introduction of speed limits, helmets and police enforcement.

He told reporters that as well as a submission to Government about the heightened laws, Auckland Council will look to launch a safety campaign.

Goff explained that the council did not want to be "the fun police" but felt it was necessary to crack down.

"At the moment I am working with Auckland Transport, and the first thing I think is a matter of common sense is, you might be able physically to ride the scooter at 25km/h on the footpath - but that is just not on," he said.

"I think there has to be a speed limit and we are looking at the initial idea of a speed limit of around 10km/h, but we will listen to public feedback on that.

"Secondly, the police have enforcement powers for reckless and dangerous behaviour and I want to talk to the police about using those powers where people are seen acting in that way. They need to crack down on that.

"The third thing is around the use of helmets. People have different ideas about that but what we have at the moment is a glaring inconsistency.

"If I am riding my electric bike I am required to wear a helmet, but if I am going faster on a scooter I am not. Central government has that jurisdiction and they have to work through those particular issues."