Auckland is hosting a fried chicken festival and here's all you need to know

Soul Food 12/06/2018

Yes, that's right! Auckland is getting their very own FRIED CHICKEN FESTIVAL!!!

The absolute dreamboat of an event is happening on the 12th of July at Parnell's La Cigale French Market.

This is the first ever event of its kind for us here in NZ, and is sure to have a massive turnout. As quoted by its event page, "for just one night, Auckland’s cluckiest food trucks are coming together and bringing you their most delicious chicken inspired dish".

The chicken conoisseurs involved in the event are:

  • Peach's Hot Chicken
  • Temaki Truck NZ
  • Double Dutch Fries
  • Judge Bao
  • Bacon Bros
  • Wise Boys Burgers

For more info click here.

Mark the occasion in your calendar because we have a feeling it's going to be an absolute banger!!!!!