Aussie munter blows up his kitchen trying to kill cockroaches

News 09/03/2018

A Queensland man has sustained burns to his head and hands after trying to use insect spray as a flame-thrower on cockroaches.

Emergency services were called to an address in Mt Isa, Queensland on Wednesday at 8pm to treat the man's injuries following the explosion, 7 News reports.

The explosion caused serious damage to the front of the house, with images showing windows blown out and holes right through the wall.

Police say the man's injuries and the damage sustained to the house are unfortunate results of not listening to the instructions on the can.

Photo credit: The Sun UK

"Well the instructions are put on these things for a purpose, and failure to follow them can result in, as it did in this case, extreme damage to the property," officer Ian Louden told the ABC.

"It didn't travel very far, but it was a very vicious explosion in the area where it was."

The house was checked for gas leaks and after being initially treated at the scene the man was taken to hospital.

Others in the home at the time of the blast were uninjured.