Aussie's first festival pill testing trial finds deadly batch of pills in circulation

festival 30/04/2018

Australia just recently launched their first ever festival pill-testing campaign Grooving The Moo, and an organiser has taken to social media to announce the extremely successful results.

Both Australia and New Zealand have been pushing to get these pill testing stations at most music festivals, following suit from the success of these campaign's in Europe.

From their first go, Harm Reduction Australia’s, Gino Vumbaca, released a statement saying,

Two of the pills actually produced a chemical that is considered even in small doses quite dangerous, and potentially could create an overdose.

In the results from the recent festival, most pills came back OK, however they did find one batch of potentially deadly pills.

To many of the punters dissarray, their pills didn't actually contain any of the psychoactive elements they were hoping for, and luckily enough for two people, they were able to avoid a deadly batch.

Despite these substances being illegal, Australian Police were extremely supportive of the campaign, even providing the festival with amnesty bins in case punters want to  dispose of any unwanted substances.

Hopefully the awesome results from this trial will encourage pill testing on a wider scale, even being introduced In New Zealand.